Short Indeed.

The other day, my dad took me up to arrowhead to meet an old high school friend of his. While we were on our way up the mountain we came to some slow-moving traffic. After a little while, we saw that the left lane was closed off and there were many emergency vehicles up ahead. Naturally, we expected to see two damaged automobiles, but what we saw was far from what was expected. As we approached the place where the emergency vehicles were stopped, I could see some twisted metal approaching. My jaw dropped and an involuntary gasp escaped my mouth as I saw what was causing the commotion. A mangled pick-up truck was sticking out of the pavement. It had fallen front-first and collided with the road. It must have hit with quite a bit of force because the truck-bed that stuck out from the ground was bent back and skewed. I looked to my right to see where the truck undoubtedly had fallen from, it was quite a long drop. I’m sorry to say, there is no way the driver could survive such a crash. We drove past the horrible scene and continued up the mountain. We came to a turnout that was occupied by a few emergency vehicles. My dad, being a curious fireman, decided to stop in the turnout as well. We looked over the edge but it was sort of hard to see the road below the cliff as there were plants and rocks in our view. But we could tell that this was the place where the truck had fallen from. My dad told me that there is no way this was an accident. The driver must have done it on purpose because it was quite a large turnout and there would have been plenty of time to hit the breaks before accelerating off the edge. We got back in the car and talked about what we had seen. I couldn’t get over the thought of what it must have been like to be falling off a cliff from such a height. I couldn’t imagine what was going through that person’s mind. The rest of our day went on just fine, I met my dad’s high school friend and his family and all that (lovely people by the way) and while we were out in Arrowhead Village they ran into a man who my dad’s friend knew. He’s a fireman, so he knew a bit about the crash we had seen earlier. Turns out it was a suicide. It was so intense to realize that I had witnessed the aftermath of someone’s decision to end their own life. I thought about that person and what could have possibly driven them to do such a thing. I thought of the shock and pain that those who knew him must have felt when they found out what had happened.
I’ve actually been thinking about death quite a bit recently. I am probably not the only one what with all these recent celebrity deaths. But I have mainly been reflecting on the death of my mother. After a year it is still incredibly strange for me to realize that she died. It seems like it shouldn’t have happened; nobody saw it coming.  I look back and realize that there have been so many deaths close to me in the past year or so (people that I knew personally or people that I knew of). I think because of all this, I am beginning to hold on quite loosely to life and the lives around me. I am almost expecting that everyone is going to die around me. Of course if someone else close to me dies, I will be devastated, but I don’t think I would be all that surprised. The feebleness of human life is more evident to me than it has ever been before. I have always known that everyone has to die sometime, but I never quite grasped it as I have now. So the truth that I’m getting at in this relentless rambling is that life is short. I know, I know, you’ve heard that a million times. But if you really sit and think about it, it can cause you to change your outlook. Thinking about these things has made me realize that there is so much more I want to do. So much more I should be striving for. I haven’t been glorifying God with all this time that He has allotted to me. I’ve been spending so much time on selfish enjoyments and desires instead of fulfilling my true purpose: to point to the King. I hope and pray that others will come to similar realizations and use what little time is left to serve the Lord. Our lives are so short compared to eternity, we only get a few years here on this earth and many of us are using it to make ourselves miserable in the attempt to find happiness. We need to stop thinking so much about ourselves and focus our attentions on the Creator.

Deuteronomy 6:5  (NASB)
“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.”

Ecclesiastes 12:6  (NASB)
“The conclusion, when all has been heard, is: fear God and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person. For God will bring every act to judgement, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil.”


2 thoughts on “Short Indeed.

  1. I haven’t looked at your blog for awhile, so I didn’t notice that you haven’t written lately. This last entry in July is a good pondering-one we all need to stop and consider. No matter how often we hear, ‘life is short, take time to do what is in your heart and what really matters,’ we quickly get caught back up in the busyness of life. I cannot believe that your mom is gone, still. It all seems like a dream that I will wake up from soon. And maybe it is. Maybe your mom is the one who is really awake and we are sleeping. Interesting perspective, huh? Anyway, thanks for reminding us about what it is all about. Yes, we must make the most of our time-run the race, fight the good fight. Show the world His love and draw them close.

    Love, Aunt Jane

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