On Voting…

So I have a few things to talk about that have to do with voting. This blog post comes in 4 parts…

#1: This year will be my first time voting ever. And it occurred to me that my first time voting, will be the first election after my mother’s death. So my first time voting=first time my mom is not voting. So in a way I feel like I am taking her place and making up for a lost vote….sort of. I just thought it was odd. Because it’s kind of true, we typically saw eye to eye on issues and politics and whatnot. So I think she would pretty much vote the same way I will….Maybe not exactly the same, but pretty close. But anyway…I just thought that was kind of strange.

#2: I’m a bit frustrated about something. I was still 17 during the primaries so I didn’t get to vote then. But I am going to be able to vote for the election. That’s ridiculous!!! I think that, if you are going to participate in the November elections, you should be able to choose a candidate in the primary! So, I’m kind of upset about that. So even if the candidate that I vote for gets elected, I still have room to complain, because he wasn’t my first pick, he is simply the better of two not-so-good choices. But whatever, I guess there is nothing I can really do about that. But I’m still going to vote!

#3: If you are able to vote….VOTE! Something I always say: If you didn’t vote, you can’t complain. It frustrates me so much to see people who are old enough to vote, and aren’t even bothering to register. Don’t you care about the country you live in? Don’t you want to do all you can to make it better? And what bothers me more is, some of the people who do vote, don’t vote based on anything but what the media tells them…ugh, that makes me so angry. But anyway….yeah, I don’t want to go on and on about this, just wanted to put that out there. So yeah, VOTE, but don’t just vote, VOTE RESPONSIBLY.

#4: Have a nice day haha 🙂


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