Meet My Good Friend: Book?

Lately I haven’t gotten to be around my friends or family very much. This is mostly because I have been busy…and so has everyone else. So it is extremely difficult to get any quality time in with…anyone. This has caused me to feel lonely and detached from society, Like I am in my own little world all my friends are in their little worlds, and my dad is in his little world, etc. The only reason I’m not plummeting into deep depression and/or anxiety is because I still have some faithful companions: Books.
I recently came across a desktop background that has a black and white picture of a book with pages folded into a heart and on the bottom it says “you know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel as if you’ve lost a friend.” This certainly rings true for me. When I read a book, it keeps me company. I feel as though I know the characters, like I invited them into my living room and they are telling me stories of their crazy lives and the lessons they’ve learned and perhaps even walking me through their lives(if that makes sense). And, indeed, when I reach the end of a book, I feel as though I’m losing something….suddenly something is missing. This is probably why I like to have copies of all the books I’ve enjoyed and I hate to get rid of books unless I didn’t really like them all that much. Reading a book that I’ve already read before is like revisiting an old friend. Getting rid of an good book is like losing contact with a good friend. Going to the library is like going to a meet and greet of sorts. But anyway, you get the idea. 
I’m not sure if the fact that my books have become my faithful friends (arguably replacing my real friends…for the time being anyway) is really really sad, or just a normal thing that happens in life when things get hectic. But either way, it is still a good thing because, as John Green once stated “the only apprenticeship for aspiring writers is reading books” (I may not have that correct word for word, but it was something of that nature.) So in a way, the lack of a social life is aiding me in becoming a good writer.

So this one is for you, books. Thanks. 


P.S.-to all my friends(the real ones that live and breath): I love you all and please don’t feel bad for any of the above sentiments. I know you’re busy, I am too. We will have more time together between semesters 🙂


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