Does Mind=Soul?

Today, in my psychology class, my professor talked bout the relationship between mind and body(more specifically, mind and brain). He introduced to us the two main views of this subject: Mind-Body Dualism and Psychophysical Monism. Mind-Body Dualism is the view that the mind and the brain are separate, that mind is not physical. Psychophysical Monism is the view that the mind and brain function are one and the same, “all mental events are physical.” 
Psychophysical is the more accepted view as far as science today goes. I think this is because most scientists today do not believe that we have souls(or at least infer that we don’t).
I personally believe that humans, in fact, do have souls. So naturally I lean more toward the Mind-Body Dualism view. These ideas really fascinated me and I pretty much spent the rest of the class time thinking about it. I was thinking that maybe the mind is the soul. Or maybe the mind is part of the soul. But my professor brought up an interesting point: physical events seem to effect the mind(mental processes). For example, drugs change mental processes and the way your mind perceives things. So does that prove the mind to be physical? Or perhaps physical events can, in fact, effect the soul. Maybe different physical experiences simply change our minds, and the way we think because of how we feel… maybe?

Comments? I’d love to hear what you have to say about this. 

I wonder if the Bible has any insights on this. If you know of any scripture that talks about this, let me know.


12 thoughts on “Does Mind=Soul?

  1. Well, from what I’ve heard and learned, I think that the soul=our emotions and our thoughts. It is different, as you know, from the spirit, which to people is dead until we are born-again. When we die, it is our soul that goes on into eternity, that is why we can feel, and cry, etc..but to put it into a different perspective, and maybe this sounds contradictory, but I too think that the physical brain and our mind (soul) are different. The physical is what dies, but our thoughts and memories live on. I guess there will never be peace about this in this world, considering it would tap into what one believes after they die…
    I could be completely wrong, but that’s just what I’ve learned..

  2. My dad brought that up too(differences between the spirit and the soul). He said there is a lot of debate on whether the soul and the spirit are two different things or one and the same. So I think thats another thing to take into consideration as well.
    So I take it, you think that mind is the soul. But why? I know the Bible sometimes talks about the soul in an emotional sense. Like the soul grieving, or the soul finding rest. Thats why I am leaning toward that conclusion, is that why you are too? Did you have other reasons?

  3. Well, I know for certain that I believe the soul and spirit are different because in Genesis God said in that day that they eat the fruit they shall surely die…They didn’t die physically, they died spiritually. But considering we all die and live on eternally, we all have a soul that does live on. If our soul is not our memories, emotions, feelings and such, what else could it be? It’s our mind, but maybe not limited to it.
    Hope that makes sense lol

  4. well, when a friend once prayed for me, she said something about me being healed and complete – mind, body and soul. which made me think that obviously the mind and the soul are two different things. and i read theresa’s blog (that’s how i came across yours) and in one of the postings she wrote about ‘heart, mind, body and soul’, which was actually what i always had in mind – because when i say i want to feel ok, i always mean heart, mind, body and soul, and so i sort of see them as different things. i think that maybe the spirit is more in the heart (most of the times it sees right), and the emotions are more in the soul (the human part and not always the right one) whereas the mind kind of combines them and our thoughts are a result of both what we know deep in our hearts (spirit) and what we feel at the moment (soul). after i got saved my heart started seeing things in a completely different way, but at the same time i don’t detect much of a change when it comes to how i feel about the world and my own self. so i guess it takes time before the spirit affects your soul… hm, i don’t really know if what i just wrote makes any sense to you…
    anyway, i like your blog – i’ll keep reading it, if you don’t mind of course 🙂

  5. Yeah, I got a bit confused with your explanation. But I would argue, that what you describe as “heart” would be our soul…you know, emotions, feelings. I think that is a part of who we are. Maybe our mind is the interpretation of our soul. But also, there is the question of whether our spirit and our soul are two separate things. Is the spirit what comes alive when we surrender our lives to God? or is that the same as our soul? eh, I think I’m confusing myself now haha.
    You said that the heart “most of the times sees right” that confused me also because the Bible says that the heart is deceitfully wicked and that none can trust it. So I don’t know if you meant something else or not. But yeah. Sorry if I seem argumentative, I’m just trying to figure this out. I DO value what other’s think and have to say!

    Thanks for reading! And of course I don’t mind if you continue, I encourage it! haha
    Also thanks for the feedback! I love it when people actually comment on my blogs rather than just reading them 🙂

    Feel free to criticize when necessary too 🙂

  6. hm, ok, i’ll try to give an example – a very simple truth like the ‘god loves you’ line. if you look at it, it’s what everybody tells you including the bible and it’s being said so often that it has become a total cliche. but how i actually feel about that fact?
    my heart says it’s true. it says i’m really loved and taken care of by god. deep deep inside i just KNOW it.
    my soul most of the times tells me it’s absolutely not true, because i don’t FEEL it in my everyday life. i often feel sad, depressed, lonely and misunderstood, so in the end it makes me feel like god actually hates me and makes fun of me and i get angry at him.
    then my heart knows it can’t possibly be right to be angry at god, because whatever bad has happened to you in your life, it’s not his fault and he has allowed it to happen for a reason.
    so in the end when i think about it in my mind, the line slightly changes into ‘god loves you. sometimes it’s really hard to feel it, but you have to believe it, even if you feel forsaken.’
    so i guess what i mean by heart is where the spirit is but i actually don’t know the exact physical place – i.e. i might be wrong… *blushes* but one thing i remember that was said at the church, was that the soul is more like the human part and the spirit is the god’s one and the soul is often weak and tells you wrong, whereas the spirit could never lie to you. so i think they separate them in a way… oh… i already feel my brain sweating in efforts to figure that out… 🙂

  7. I’m still somewhat confused at what you are trying to say.
    You speak of the heart as if it is not just an organ that beats in our chests, which is what it is. Heart clearly is a metaphor for something else. So when you say heart, what are you referring to? soul? mind? You speak of heart and soul as two different things…so what is heart?

    And as for when you mentioned that your soul sometimes tells you that God hates you, I don’t think that is just you, I think that is the enemy feeding your soul with lies.

    I just looked up some of the original greek words in the Bible for mind heart and soul. The conclusion I came up with is that heart and mind are parts of the soul, just separated into categories for better understanding and emphasis. I think that the heart is the emotional part of the soul and the mind is thoughts and imagination. these two components are what make up the soul.
    Thats the best explanation I could come up with as far as original greek meanings of the scripture..

    I understand what you mean though with spirit and soul being two different things. That makes sense.

  8. yeah, when i say ‘heart’, i don’t mean the muscle itself, i mean something like the place where the spirit is, but like i said, i don’t know the physical place, so i might be wrong… my point is that i think the spirit and the soul are two different things and the mind sort of combines the processes that go on in them both. but obviously, when i think of it myself, i see that when i say ‘mind’ i mean thoughts and conclusions and thinking attitude in general, so i guess that’s wrong too… just never thought of the greek meaning of those words, silly me 🙂 anyway, i like that discussion – it makes my brain spin which always feels good 🙂

  9. yeah, its interesting to learn about this stuff, also very challenging to come to conclusions. Thanks for causing me to look into it a bit further than I had planned on. 🙂
    p.s.-if you think that the heart is not the soul or the mind, then where do you get the concept of heart?

  10. and sorry if I’m asking too many questions haha…that was my last one! (I don’t promise that, but I’m pretty sure lol)

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