What a Lovely Egg

I woke up this morning at about 6:35, ten minutes later than I had planned. I had to rush to get ready, I had class to get to. I showered, dressed, brushed my teeth, etc. as quickly as I could in my dazed and exhausted state. With a rumbling stomach I rushed out the door, planning on stopping by starbucks for snack and some espresso to aid me in my concentration for my early class. As I walked out to my car I examined it as I usually do, estimating how long I can go before I need to wash it again. As I got closer to my car, I noticed an odd substance splattered all over the back of my car, it was transparent and thick, and looked sticky. Then I realized what it was when I saw some white things sticking to the substance. Someone had thrown an egg at my car. I was furious. That was the last thing I needed as well as the last thing I expected. I had walked out the door with just enough time to make it to starbucks to quiet my empty stomach and make it to class on time. But now I had to waste time cleaning up the mess. Who would have done this? I don’t really have any enemies that I can think of. I figured it was just some kids being immature and oh so stupid. 
After I washed it all off I headed to starbucks, but didn’t make it due to the fact that on my way there I realized I wouldn’t have time. So I stopped at a near by doughnut shop and got…you guessed it, a doughnut and I also got an iced coffee. Upon sipping the coffee, I grew more upset, “this tastes horrible, it doesn’t even taste like coffee!” I muttered to myself. Then, as I was waiting at the stoplight nibbling on my doughnut and sipping my you-have-got-to-be-kidding coffee, the light turned green. But get this, the two cars in front of me did not move. I grew more upset and more impatient. “I hate being late!!! GOOOOO!” I said, not really out loud, but I was thinking it. I sighed in disbelief as the light slowly changed from green to yellow, and finally to red and nobody moved, not even an inch. So I sat there, more frustrated than I’ve been in quite some time, finishing my doughnut. When the light turned green again, to my relief, this time, the cars moved. And what next? All but one traffic light on my way to class were red. ALL BUT ONE!!! I couldn’t believe my misfortune. I had never had a morning like this before.
When I was almost to the parking lot, I was sure that there would be no spaces left and I would have to park waaaayyyy far away form my class. But, to my surprise there were many spaces when I arrived. So I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down realizing that I had gotten all worked up for undoubtably …no reason. In fact, I had time to sit in my car for a while, and enjoy my music and sip my coffee, which was all of the sudden tasting delicious. I was not at all late to my class, in fact, I was the first one there. 
Looking back on the whole ordeal, I am so embarrassed and a bit annoyed with how I reacted. Just a few inconveniences and I allowed it all to destroy my mood, and gave it potential to destroy my day. I didn’t used to be like this, I used to be calm and not let things get to me unless they were big things worth fussing over(which by the way, hardly anything is). So I guess the moral of the story is….well…relax. Most of the things that upset us are not really worth all that we give it. I let myself get so upset in so little time at so few things(small things) when really, I had nothing to worry about. It wasn’t that much of a hassle to wash the egg off my car, I just had to wet a rag, scrub, dry, and put some glass cleaner stuff on it. No big deal, it took about 5 minutes, maybe less. I still got something in my stomach and the coffee didn’t taste so bad after I got used to it and accepted that it wasn’t supposed to taste like coffee(b/c hardly anybody would like it if it did). But anyway, you get the idea.
I’m going to try and be optimistic for the rest of the day. Hopefully I won’t forget this lesson by tomorrow morning. 

So, next time someone throws and egg at your car…..HAVE A NICE DAY.

P.S.-If you are the one who egged my car…. whether you wanted me to or not…I forgive you haha
 And thanks, I needed a nice dose of perspective.


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