Some Unimportant Thoughts

I’ve been doing homework all day, so I feel like writing about something mindless. Well, I realized today that when I write essays, the only time I successfully complete it is if I procrastinate…taking breaks between paragraphs. I’ve tried before to just sit down and finish a paper and I end up writing a little bit and just staring at the screen, daydreaming, and sometimes even falling asleep. But when I write a paragraph, then go read a few chapters of the novel I’ve been enjoying lately, then write some more, then do the laundry, then write some more, then check my email and go get lunch, then write some more, then watch TV and take a nap, then write some more…well you get the idea. When I do it that way I get it done. I don’t know why…I guess I don’t like to focus on just one thing for so long. 
So a little while ago I stopped by Starbucks because I was starting to nod off even when I was taking a break. Usually I get a strong espresso drink or black coffee or something like that, but since it is later and I don’t want to be up all night, I decided to get a mocha frapaccino(note, I may be misspelling that) which I used to always get before I liked coffee. Frapaccinos are known to have a little bit of coffee in them. Some people tell me that that is the only coffee they like. When I got mine today, I sipped it and thought “where’s the coffee? it tastes like a chocolate Power Bar.” Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just that it didn’t taste like coffee, not even a little bit. Anyone who thinks Frapaccinos taste like coffee obviously doesn’t know what coffee tastes like. Well it doesn’t really matter anyway…I’m one of those people who likes their coffee black…so call me biased. Or…whatever. 

Another thing I thought about today was my name. When I see the letters A-N-D-R-E-A …I automatically hear in my head “an-dree-uh” the way my name is pronounced. I never think that maybe the person pronounces it one of the other three ways it can be pronounced. That pronunciation is simply just something that has been constant and true my whole life. So is it narcissistic for me to see it that way, or is it just entirely subconscious because that is what I learned growing up? I don’t know, it’s actually pretty obvious, but that’s just something I was thinking about today. Sorry it’s not important or all that interesting, but it’s my blog, I can write about whatever I want…and it’s your fault for reading it. haha

Well I am going to go back to my paper now. Thanks for helping me procrastinate and in turn helping me finish my paper. I’ve got about 170 words to go! Go do something productive for me okay?


10 thoughts on “Some Unimportant Thoughts

  1. It’s not that we don’t know what coffee tastes like, it’s that we don’t like it so much that we are very sensitive to it even if it’s just a little tiny bit. So when we drink a mocha frap. we taste that coffee LOL
    Oh, and
    “Sorry it’s not important or all that interesting, but it’s my blog, I can write about whatever I want…and it’s your fault for reading it. haha”
    Oh and i might as well respond to your
    I used the old email address cause i forgot it was the old one..haha i just went through my email, and knew it was yours lol

  2. In response to Lisah’s comment(to the first part anyway):
    NO no no, you don’t taste the coffee…I know coffee when I taste it. I know it very well. When you reeeeeaaallly like something you notice it even if there is only a hint of it. For example, my favorite colors are blue and purple, when I see a picture that includes those colors (even in small fragments) I notice it. And that, my friend did not taste like coffee. So that’s that. Enough said…maybe.

    p.s.-This probably isn’t a very good argument at all, in fact, I know it isn’t. But I just couldn’t let you get away with that excuse. lol

  3. LOL i’m glad you know that your argument failed..hahahhaha
    I’m super sensitive to any flavor I don’t like (ex. your tea flavored mints), and it’s the same with the mochas..haha this is a wonderful debate..LOL i’m sitting in the library at school..i have to print something out, but of all the days the printers are not working here..of course right?! lolol
    Oh and to answer your email again, no I didn’t subscribe to his, i just went on his page and the video was there..his video’s are so incredulous!! HAHA i don’t even know what that means..

  4. okay, first of all, your example doesn’t even work with your argument that you didn’t even have to make in the first place. Those “mints” don’t just have a hint of tea flavor…they really taste like tea. And the fact that I even say that is totally murdering your case haha

    I’ll give you the dictionary definition…
    incredulous: adj. (of a person or their manner)Unable or unwilling to believe something.

    And yes, I know you are just trying to annoy me by using words incorrectly…but you must know, I will still correct you, or educate you every time……HA

  5. Your underachieving political antithesis is beaming the corners of the intellect of the outskirts of Texas. The coffee bean is a superstitious micro-perforated intensified likeness of lotion, as is tea. The definition of the canine is the biological antithesis of a water bottle. That is all.

  6. hahahahahahaha now your just pulling words out of nowhere. I wonder how many people would read that and think “wow she’s so smart”

  7. okay, what’s the point in adding “HAHAHAHAHAHA” after you already put “LOL” ?
    now I’m just picking on you

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