Sea Legs?

So I just got home from the cruise today. I am sooo exhausted! And my body is all weird…I feel like I’m still on a ship…like the floor is moving and I’m stumbling all over the place haha. I’m kind of sad to be off the ship. It was starting to feel like home. Oh well, life must resume, I guess. Ugh…its hot here and I have a REALLY bad sunburn…and a bad snorkeling wound on my leg…so I don’t feel very good right now.

I was under the impression that I would have free internet on the cruise ship, but it turns out, I would have had to pay for it. And it wasn’t cheap, so I was not able to blog like I had hoped. But I did, however, write in my journal every day. So I thought I would just copy down my journal entries. I will leave some of it out of course, but not much. It might be really boring, or you might enjoy reading it. So yeah, read it if you would like.  Bear in mind that when I write in my journal I’m just jotting down everything I can remember as quickly as possible so that I can go to bed haha.

First day:
August 18, 2008 Monday

“Today is the first day of our cruise! My dad and I will be on a cruise from today till the 23rd. We are going to Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas. The ship is HUGE! Its bigger than most buildings. It’s really nice. Our room is tiny, but I really like it. My dad let me have the bed by the window, so that’s pretty nice. The water outside is lovely. I like to watch it shimmer in the sun and see the ripples caused by this massive ship. There are a lot of sailboats out there. I think it looks beautiful, the sailboats slowly being pushed by the breeze.

            It’s nice to get away and relax. I really could use an escape. It seems that lately everything has been getting to me. I am having trouble being content. Hopefully this little vacation will help me relax and have some quiet time.

            My walk with God hasn’t been very good lately, so hopefully God will speak to me in the quiet and through the awe of the beauty He has created.

            Well anyway. I’ll probably write again tomorrow. I want to make sure I record the memories of this trip. I’ve never been on a cruise before, and I’ve never been to Mexico, so this will be full of new experiences.”


Second day:
August 19, 2008 Tuesday

            “Last night me and my dad sat out on the deck on lounge chairs. He smoked a cigar and I drank a virgin pina colada (delicious!). It was really nice.

            Today was fun. We woke up a bit late and ended up having calzones for breakfast haha. We sat at a window and the view was beautiful. I’ve been trying to take pictures of the beautiful sights I’ve been seeing but no picture has done it justice.

            Well I thought we were going to be in Cabo today, but, it turns out that will be tomorrow. Today was a day at sea.  We had a lot of fun today.(Redundant?? haha) 

            Me and dad sat out by the pool but we faced the ocean. It was so lovely and relaxing. I read a book and sipped a virgin pina colada while my dad had a long island iced tea and puffed his cigar, we went in the pool a little bit too. It’s really shallow and small so we didn’t spend that much time in it, but it was refreshing none the less..

            Well…I got a pretty bad sunburn, that’s probably the only bad thing about today.

            We sat in a piano bar and listened to the “piano man” it was pretty cool. He was good at piano but not a very good singer. But he was really cool and easy-going.

            We got to see a stand up comedian tonight. She was really funny 🙂

            My dad bought me a chocolate covered strawberry (it had milk chocolate and white chocolate and a little design that made it look like it was wearing a tuxedo 🙂 ) and he bought me this chocolate strawberry cup thing. It was really good.

            Well I’m tired and we have to get up early for Cabo. I hope we can find some aloe vera  tomorrow. My sunburn hurts really bad. I haven’t had a sunburn this bad in a while. I normally stay out of the sun.”


Third day:
August 20, 2008 Wednesday

            “My sunburn HURTS!!!

            Well today we were in Cabo San Lucas. It was my first time in Mexico and my first time in a different country for that matter. It was really hot there, but I wasn’t feeling all that self-conscious so the sweat didn’t bother me too much haha. Me and dad went snorkeling which was really amazing. We saw a lot of fish and whatnot. I scraped my leg pretty badly on a rock. It bled A LOT…I think its gonna leave a scar. But it was so worth it because the place I cut my leg, had the best fish.

            The guy that took us on the boat over there was really nice.  He gave me peroxide and Band-Aids for my leg. I liked riding in that cheap little boat. I actually preferred it more than the more state-of-the-art ones. I guess I enjoy the simplicity of it.

            We rode in a bike taxi thing to the fire station, my dad wanted to get some shirts there. The bicycle guy was really nice and he is a hard worker. I couldn’t imagine doing that job all day in that heat. My dad paid him double and bought him a coke.

            Dad bought me this cute straw hat with a pink cloth thing on it that says Cabo San Lucas. So that’s my little souvenir. (its actually kind of a ridiculous hat)

            I’m soooooo exhausted. When we got back on the boat, I took a nap while my dad smoked a cigar. Then we went to see a comedy hypnotist show. I have always been confused about hypnosis and what it really is. The hypnotist explained that it is not supernatural or anything like that, but rather, a state of relaxation. It was a really funny show.

            After dinner we went to the piano bar. I really like it there. The guy plays really well and he is really fun to be around.

            So anyway, I’m ready to go to bed now. I’m so exhausted.”


Fourth day:
August 21, 2008 Thursday

            “Today was different. I’m in a lot of pain, but regardless, today was good.

            Well I guess I’ll start from the beginning. We woke up rather late, about 10:00. My sunburns are hurting more than before. I took the most painful shower of my life today. My leg wound is hurting as well. I can’t stand on my knees…hopefully it won’t hurt so bad by the time I go back to work. (I do a lot of cleaning which requires me to get down on my knees to reach some things)

            Anyway, I sat with my dad in the cigar lounge as he met up with a guy he had met yesterday. They smoked and talked about man stuff like car engines and cigars and whatnot. The guy told me a crazy story about when he went to a Jimi Hendrix show. There was a riot because the over-sold tickets by about 100 so a lot of people got mad and started a riot…but yeah, I don’t remember exactly all that he said. But I thought that was pretty crazy. He was a pretty interesting guy.

I saw a guy in the lounge. At first I was just glancing over at him because I liked how he was dressed and I thought he was attractive. But then I noticed he had a Bible in his hand. He was spending some quiet time alone with his journal and Bible. This convicted me because I haven’t been reading my Bible or making any effort to spend time with the Lord at all. I brought my Bible along, but it has just been sitting there underneath the little table by the bed. I’ve been so selfish.

            Oh, and I have to mention also, real quick, we saw a blues band tonight and they were extremely talented. It was amazing!!!

…So anyway my dad went to go have another cigar a little bit ago, so I finally listened to God and took the opportunity to stay here(in our room) and spend some alone time with Him. I got so much out of what I read! It was such a blessing.

Lord, change me.”

{{The blog just before this one is about what I read}}


Fifth Day:
August 22, 2008 Friday

            “Today we were in Ensenada. The weather was nice. About 75degrees and a nice cool breeze. We didn’t do a whole lot but we still had a good time. We had breakfast in a small restaurant, dad said those are always better than the big nicer ones. I’ve been drinking soda in Mexico because I guess the water is bad there so soda is the only guaranteed safe beverage (by the way if you don’t know…I’m not a soda drinker…lets just say I wasn’t feeling too good drinking those sodas). We took a taxi to this famous blow hole thing, it’s basically just a place in the rocks where water spurts out. We also visited the flee market and the fire station. We did a  lot of riding around and it was crazy to see how poor Mexico is. I couldn’t imagine living in those conditions. I am really starting to appreciate the luxuries in my everyday life. It actually made me feel lazy seeing how hard they have to work for so little.

            The beaches were beautiful there, the water was clear and blue.

            We stopped by the bakery and picked up some treats. Delicious.

            We went back on the boat, hung out in the room then had some beverages at the bar before going to dinner.

            I must say, I will miss our waiters, they are so kind.

            As I write this I am in the cigar lounge with my dad. I’m a little sad. We are leaving tomorrow morning.

            But it will be nice to see Jen again 🙂

            And I have to get ready for school. I start on Tuesday. Hopefully I can get into the classes I want.

            That is all for now.”


Oh, and guess what?! I Already unpacked everything! This is quite an accomplishment for me because always when I come home from a trip it takes me at least 3 days to completely unpack. so I’m pretty happy with myself having done that already. Yes. 🙂 haha


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  1. lol i had to write you back but i didnt know where..
    well, im not 100% sure exactly how..i was just pressing and typing stuff..lolol

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