Just a Little Sharing

I read Psalm 24 (I’m not going to type out the verses so you can just go get your Bible and read it for yourself)

This is what I got out of it…I’m just gonna type out the notes I took when I read it…cuz I’m lazy.

V1–nothing belongs to me. I don’t belong to myself. Everything is the Lord’s. Everyone is the Lords.
      We should not seek after what we desire but instead we should strive to glorify God and live for His purposes.

Why can’t I fully grasp this?

V2–He is the creator of all. He formed the very foundations of the earth Himself.

V3–Who is worthy to stand in God’s presence?

V4–You must be holy and blameless. You must be pure. Purity brings us to the presence of God.
     My hands are so dirty. Jesus placed His clean hands over mine, the clean hands are all He sees. This is why I will see God. I will come into His presence.

V5–God rewards purity. God can cleanse us form unrighteousness.

V7-10–Praise the Lord, lift Him up and glorify Him for all that He is!

{{this next part is what God showed me as I was praying}}

If my motives are right, God will help me. If my motives are wrong, He will wait as long as it takes until they are right.

So yeah, I got a lot out of that, so I just thought I’d share it. It may or may not mean something to you, but do with it what you will. I find that I get more out of my personal time with the Lord, if I concentrate on each verse and not move on until I really understand what it is saying and get something out of it. But anyway…oh, and all of you who don’t like the Bible, or don’t believe in God… save your arguments for another time…I’m really not in the mood right now for a debate…so maybe another time…and I mean that in the kindest way possible haha 🙂


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