Tomorrow, my father and I are going on a cruse. We will return on the 23rd I believe. I will have my macbook with me on the cruse so there is a slight chance I will blog during the cruse….maybe. I don’t really have anything interesting to say right now, but yeah. 
I feel weird, like I should be more excited. But I’m feeling extremely calm and it doesn’t seem like I’m going anywhere tomorrow. Well I will probably feel different tomorrow morning…we are leaving early so we can hang out and have breakfast in san diego before the get on the ship and whatnot.
Oh! I didn’t tell you where the cruse ship is taking us…We are going to mexico…Cabo San Lucas and Encinata…I probably spelled both of those wrong, but I think you can handle it. I’ve never been to mexico before, so this should be interesting. And of course being on a cruse ship will be pretty fancy as well.

I’ve been listening to Matt Costa the past few days. He’s pretty talented in my opinion…but he sounds familiar…like he reminds me of someone but I don’t know who…oh well.

So anyway. I’m ready for a nice getaway. I’ve been feeling like I need an escape lately, so this is fitting. Maybe I will get a lot of reading done too 🙂
…and I might gain some weight because I hear that cruses have lots of good food…haha oh well maybe all the swimming will balance everything out.  My dad said we are going on a diet after the cruse, but he said we were going to go on a diet after the week of my graduation too…never happened. haha 

So anyway, this blog is just getting more and more boring, so I guess I’ll leave you alone now. 

Bye bye 🙂


One thought on “Fun?

  1. Truly, I enjoy reading your blogs because they’re such a sincere insight into your life and thoughts. Try not to be too critical on yourself, though; embrace the person you are with thoughts of improvement but maintain your self-esteem as much as possible. I struggle with this a lot because I don’t see a lot of special talents or real uniqueness in myself, but I try to keep my head up, enjoy time with my family and friends and learn as much as I can by listening and asking questions.

    My girlfriend’s in Cabo right now, maybe you guys will somehow meet without knowing it! 😀

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