What Happened?

I’ve been a bit of an airhead this past week. I don’t know what’s happening, but I seem to be getting dumber and more clumsy. I’ve been dropping things at work… luckily I didn’t break anything(thank God), I’ve been running into things, I’ve been asking terribly stupid questions that I realize soon after that it was either common sense, or I could have easily figured it out myself, I’ve also been driving worse than ever. I have no idea what is wrong or what has changed to cause all of this. Hopefully this isn’t a permanent thing. I need my brain for college. And I really need to stop being clumsy, considering there are TONS of breakables at my work, and I am normally the one handling them and cleaning them.

I fell like a disaster. Oh well, at least I still feel quite joyful. And at least I’m still getting things done… for instance, my room is well on its way to being very clean…still have a few things to organize and whatnot, but for the most part, my room is a relaxing place to be once again. Hurray! Okay, there was really no reason for me to say that, see what I mean? Airhead? maybe.   😦

Okay, I’m gonna go now. I feel like cleaning…and reading…but what to do first?


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