The Problem of Modern Feminism

So there is something that has been really bothering me for quite some time now. I don’t know why I have never blogged about it before, I guess I am a little afraid of being attacked by feminazis. But I think I am ready to take the heat now. Some might say that I am being harsh on my own sex, but this is simply not the case, bear with me please…

Have you noticed how the media portrays men and women today? T.V. shows, Commercials, Magazines, etcetera…oh it just kills me. Just about every time I turn on the television, I see men being degraded and women being exalted. Think about it. Most television shows and commercials depict the man as stupid and incompetent and the woman as intelligent and able. I noticed this a while back and it seemed as though I was the only one bothered by this. Then recently the leader of a women’s Bible study that I attend pointed it out as well…thats probably why I gained the courage to actually sit down and blog about it. I thought feminism was about being equals, not being higher than men. But apparently I was ignorant. I think the main problem is that women don’t understand that we can be equals with men, but that doesn’t mean we need to try and take over everything. Today women are trying to have careers, take care of their children, take care of their homes, take care of their husbands and maintain a social life. This is simply too much for one person to handle. That is why so many children are neglected and so many houses are filthy and unwelcoming. And I believe this also is part of the reason so many marriages fail. The husband and wife both work full time jobs and come home tired and irritable and are at each other’s throats while trying to maintain order in the household. Most of their interaction is argumentative and angry. Granted there probably are some people who can do it all and manage their lives well, but for most people this is not the case. And it really bothers me because women are constantly pushed to “make something of themselves” it is frowned upon to be a homemaker and care for your family. We are pushed to pursue a high-paying career and to put it above everything else. Let me just say this, if you want to be that kind of woman, DON’T START A FAMILY. You will most likely neglect them and care more about yourself and your success than you do about them, which is terrible and not worth it. If you are going to be a wife and mother, you need to be ready to play the part. If you want to be a big successful work-aholic career woman and still have a family, its pretty much like being a teacher yet hating kids and not helping them with anything…its no good and its even damaging to the children. And on top of that, trying to balance all these things will wear you out and most likely depress you. 

Well I could go on about this, but I think you get the gist of it. If you want to argue about it…go ahead, but first, I want you to look at what I’ve said objectively and actually consider it. Also, know that arguing with me probably won’t get either of us anywhere…but anyway.. I guess that is all…


4 thoughts on “The Problem of Modern Feminism

  1. I agree with you about men being made out to be the villains, or just too dumb to know any better. I also think that there’s a lot of pressure on women to be everything – wife, mother, career lady, home maker, fashionista! I’m a stay at home mum with two children and a part time job at weekends, and I find even that more than I can handle. I have no idea how I would manage to have a full time job, let alone a career, on top of my family responsibilities. Something would have to give, and like you say, it would probably be the valuable time I spend with my children and husband. My youngest is about to start school full time, and I have many many people regularly asking me what job I will do when he is in school. They don’t consider that what I do is time consuming enough to warrant not going into full time paid employment. And also, as I point out, how would I manage to look after my children during the school holidays? I have to do a lot of justifying of my life choices to people, and it gets a little bit tiring.

    I’m glad you wrote this post, as it articulates a lot of things that I have been thinking for a long time.

  2. Well.. I think you would be surprised with how many people actually share your opinion..

    I think the same way.. We are equals.. but we are also different..

    Men are simply better when it comes to jobs in the construction area, or electricians or whatever jobs like that.. and woman make really good teachers for instance , it sounds like a “stereotype” but.. it is simply true .. .. It doesnt make woman less worth than men or the other way around.. we simply complete each other in that way I guess..

    I support you in this one ; ) x

  3. Ok well, first of all you are right, this is what feminists (or as you so eloquently put it, “feminazis”) have an issue with. the fact of the matter is that it should NOT be the woman’s responsibility to maintain the whole of the family. it should be an EQUAL partnership. there is nothing wrong with stay-at home mothers, but there is also nothing wrong with stay-at home dads….of which there are relatively few. feminism is about life choices, not a specific role of career woman or homemaker that you must fit into. a woman should be able to have her cake and eat it too, just as men should (and i might note, just as men have had their cake and ate it for the past several centuries and well before that as well).

    women do get overwhelmed and depressed because people such as yourself and society as a whole see it as THEIR responsibility and obligation to be a “good” wife and mother. but there is another person who should be helping. THIS is the point of feminism. men get to work and have a family, so why shouldn’t women be able to do the same?

    also, two working parents is not harmful to children. i, and plenty of my acquaintances, have very healthy and functional families with both parents that work. in fact, i would argue that have a mother and father who have lives outside of their family make the home life better, because one person is not cooped up all day going insane. i know plenty of older women who spent their lives at home as wives and mothers without any sort of outlet – while their husbands worked and came home simply to ENJOY the family, not to work on it – and they were not happy….which is also damaging to children, as you put it.

    women are exalted in some television shows and movies, but it is nothing compared to the pwoer that men are portrayed to have, not to mention the blatant sexual objectification of women that exists everywhere, and most especially in the media. how does the church group feel about that?


  4. I think you may be discounting the women who think they can handle having a family and a job, but realize (too late!) they can’t do it all once they have children. What are they supposed to do, give up their kids? If they give up the job, they won’t have enough money to take care of their families. “Best laid plans,” and all. I don’t think these women go out with the idea that they’re going to focus on their careers first, family second — it just happens when they need more money or a promotion. Sometimes these women have to put in more hours at their jobs to be considered equal to men. There are a lot of double standards out there.

    I’m a feminist, and I agree that TV shows don’t portray relationships fairly. If you notice, the TV shows that show men as stupid and women as super competent also show the women as bitchy and uptight, and the men constantly telling them to relax and “take a joke.” So while these TV shows encourage women to “do it all,” as you say, they also portray the women who do it all in a negative light.

    I think you might benefit from visiting this Feminism 101 blog, particularly the posts Family & Work and The Gender Gap:

    Also, here’s the responses from the Working Women 2008 Survey — pretty interesting stuff:

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