Oh No!

It just now occurred to me that I broke my commitment…I let a friday go by and did not post a blog on it. Well lately I’ve been thinking that it’s not really a good idea…I was busy because I had to work then after work, I stopped by a bookstore to pick up something for my friend, and of course ended up spending a lot of time looking at various books and ended up buying yet another book…ugh I can’t go into a bookstore without doing that! Oh well. Then when I got home, my Dad had brought home dinner so I spent some time eating and hanging out with him. So anyway, I decided that to post a blog every friday would be a difficult task, and already this week I posted 2 blogs! So that should be enough to make up for it right? So my NEW commitment is to post at least one blog a week. I think I can handle that much better. Well I don’t know how many people actually care about that. But I know there are a few who do. So this is for them haha. Well I’m gonna go to bed now, I would very much like to keep myself from sleeping in too late tomorrow. I hate when I sleep to late, it makes me feel lazy and ridiculous. That’s not a very good feeling. So yeah, maybe I’ll talk more about my week some other time… probably not. Well goodbye. …kinda.


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