Well it IS friday…

So I guess I should try to keep up my commitment and post a blog today. And since I work tomorrow and will probably be too lazy to write a blog when I get home, I decided I would stay up past midnight and post a blog in the wee hours. 

So what am I going to talk about now? Ugh, I kind of regret promising to post a blog every friday, I certainly put some pressure upon myself, didn’t I? Oh well, nobody reads these anyway, with the exception of about 3 of my friends, other wise there would be lots more COMMENTS…(“hint hint”)

Well this week has been…different. Went to the orthodontist by myself early tuesday morning. I got some x-rays and a mold taken of my teeth…I’m getting braces sometime in the near future…so you can all look forward to calling me metal mouth while proceeding to point and laugh. Which probably wouldn’t bother me too much, I’d probably laugh too….no. So…this blog isn’t working out very well, so I might manage to write another one tonight when I get home from work to make up for it. Hopefully it will be more interesting and thought-provoking…ha. 

Well something cool about this week is I got to get together with my good friend Lisah. I haven’t talked to her in quite a long time so it was really nice to have lunch and catch up with her. She kept complimenting me on my writing….I don’t know what possessed her to do so. haha. Frankly I don’t know why there are a hundred-something hits on my site, its probably just like five of my friends going to it over and over just to make me feel proud of myself. haha. No, I’m not a pessimist, and no, I’m not really that down on myself…I just feel like being blunt and logical….a bit.

Well I am just rambling…way too much. I don’t really have my head on right now. I need to go to sleep. Well maybe another blog will turn up later…you never know…

Thank you for reading.


One thought on “Well it IS friday…

  1. Only Jesus possesses me 🙂 hahaha
    And He loves you! And I love the fact that we got together..and had an amazing lunch!
    It’s hilarious to read your ramblings hahahaha..I feel so special you mentioned me in a blog..
    I’m famous!!
    Be sure to tell Seth and Don..
    That is their names…right?

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