I wrote this for my mother’s memorial service which took place on May 17th of this year. I’ve just been thinking about her a lot today and thought I’d post this in honor of her. This is what I wrote:

     “Since my mother’s passing, the picture in my mind of her character has become more vivid. I never completely realized how self-sacrificing she was. She would pretty much do anything for me. No spider was too big, no story too long, no event too boring, no distance too far. She always took care of me before she took care of herself. If I needed her, she was there.
     Of all the things my mother has taught me about, the two things that stick out most are love and prayer.
     She loved without limits and without condition. She allowed the Lord to be the source of that love. She always told me that the only way to truly love is to let Jesus love through us. And thats exactly what she did.
     My mother prayed without ceasing. She knew without a doubt how powerful prayer is. She would pray for the same thing over and over knowing that the Lord was listening and eagerly watching for all the things He would do. She wouldn’t just pray for people who treated her kindly, she would pray just as fervently for the people she should have hated. She knew that prayer could change things.
     There are so many things my mother has instilled in me. I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world. I know that she is now with that God to whom she so diligently prayed. And she will praise him for ever and ever just as diligently. And someday I will join her, singing side by side to our king.”




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